The Hedgehogs


The Hedgehogs comprise of the Me Half, the Other Half, our 8 year old Hoglet and seriously humongous cat and we live in the Forest of Dean, UK.

A few years ago we were drowning in debt, I was at university whilst the Other Half was working tirelessly at a ridiculously low paid job, seriously our total household income was around the 12k mark plus we had a baby to boot!

The tiniest unexpected bill or repair was unmanageable as we were just scraping by and we ended up in the dreaded payday loan trap. At one point we had 3 different PD loans at the same time just going through rotation every month.

We were lucky enough to be able to get out of that trap by living frugally (we didnt even own a TV!) and learning about personal finance.

We have gone from over £30,000 in debt to a little over £10,000 and I became obsessed with learning about personal finance along the way. I love books, podcasts and blogs about personal finance and have searched to find a blog with a situation like ours.

Lots of people have the goal of financial independence and there some truly inspiring and supportive blogs out there, but everyone seems to be starting from zero. No assets, savings or debt. A blank slate. We have large debt and an abysmal credit record as a result, but gosh darnit we will still achieve financial independence!

Whether you are fighting your way out of debt, learning to live frugally or just working towards financial independence, join us on our journey as we do all three!


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