Pig in a Pot

Basically a cheap yet super yummy pork and apple stew

Before my mum became a vegetarian many moons ago, she would make a version of this stew and called it ‘Pig in a Pot’. Now it is still in her recipe book but she has changed the name to Poor Little Pig in a Pot – Just a bit of family colour for you all!

Made in our super instant pot of course! (stove top in a large pan would do or a casserole dish in the oven, just be aware of the electric usage! Money saving always!) We love prepping this the night before and setting the timer on our instant pot so it is cooked for when we get in

What to do

Pork steaks – these can be whatever you have available, remove any rind or bone if there is any – you can cut these into chunks but if using the instant pot just chuck them in whole

Apple Sauce – A good few tablespoons, we just give it a nice big dollop

Any root vegetables you have available! We usually go for a few carrots, half a swede, a parsnip and an onion (or leek if you’re feeling a bit fancy!) plus whatever else you’ve got. Turnip, celery (even if you don’t like it, it just works!), sweet potato, mushrooms, you name it, it’s all good! Peel, chop and chuck it all in!


We are lucky that there is a great farm not too far away that do weekly ‘pot luck’ veg boxes that they deliver.

Gorgeous right? And all for a tenner! It is well worth contacting any local farms to see if they offer something like this, and if they don’t they may start it just for you!

If you happen to be in the Forest of Dean, drop a comment down below and we’ll send you the details of our veg guys.

Add a veg stock cube crumbled in

Sprinkle of dried sage or rosemary if you fancy it

Add water to just cover the ingredients.

For instant pot users push soup/stew and it will be done and seriously satisfying in about half an hour. Give it a good stir and the pork steaks will break into big chunks ready to be spooned into bowls

We like to add half a packet of sage and onion stuffing mix at then end and stir it in before serving. It helps to thicken it (a good sprinkle of veg gravy granules is nice too!), makes it very filling and only costs about 20p!

We always make large meals that cover dinner for 2 days to make the ingredients well worth their cost but this freezes really well too.

Clean plates all round!

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