The First Step

Hello all!

The First Step

Welcome to Fire Hedgehog, a blog created to help everyone manage debt and reach FIRE (for the newbies to the personal finance, this is Financial Independence, Retire Early). There are no secrets, no magic pill and no lottery wins here. Just honest advice to manage your finances and reach independence.

You wont find any gimmicks or hard selling of financial products here. Just regular snippets on getting out of debt, managing your budget, simple investing as well as the occasional review of what financial books or blogs that i am reading. I am a huge advocate of personal improvement too, how can you improve your finances without improving yourself as an individual too?!

You may also find the odd message related to public health (particularly the NHS) as well as leadership and management

This is an open environment where i welcome questions and discussions with readers, if you are here then you all have similar goals, lets achieve them together

A Bit About Me, The Hedgehog

I hold a degree in Health as well as a postgraduate in Management and have built 2 businesses. Surprised? Yes i have no formal financial training outside of the world of Business Management, I am not an accountant or stock broker and i have learned the majority of my financial management knowledge the hard way, through the school of life. My background is primarily entrepreneur, with a healthy dose of healthcare management and a splash of professional body painting.

I am a married parent of 1, mostly delightful 8 year old from the Forest of Dean, UK and at one point, around the 2010 mark our family had 4 payday loans on the go at once. We were completely caught in the trap and drowning in the worst kind of debt, barely surviving.

The debt grew worse when studying at university. Student loans aren’t so much of an issue being in the UK (thank goodness!) but learning the hard way to make every pound stretch as far as possible whilst the other half had discovered the “wonders” of easy access to credit, which sent us down a spiral. Owing over £30,000 on a £40,000 salary is a scary thought but it was our reality.

We are now debt free and working towards FIRE and still learning something new about finance every day.

The feeling that you cant breathe as you are drowning in debt is horrific and i wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I have created this blog as a resource of support and knowledge for others who are in the same situation i was in, or even for you that don’t have a debt problem, but want to move towards financial independence.

If i can do it, so can you!


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