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There are many things I love about the internet. Email, online banking, streaming music and the ability to go shopping whilst sat on the sofa in my pajamas.

When we first got serious about paying off our debt I blocked and unsubscribed from all retail based emails.

Not only was i getting sick of the sheer amount of them, but when you are determined to only spend money on essentials then having lots of shiny new things waved in your face constantly can feel like the world is taking the mickey.

Ner, ner, ner, ner, ner, you cant have this

It is lovely not to have to deal with the constant consumerism onslaught in my inbox but remember, there was a reason you signed up in the first place.


Now I am the last person that would advocate unnecessary spending. If it is not something that you do not essentially need or will save you money then it is just that, unnecessary.

However sites such as Groupon can be a veritable goldmine for saving on household items. No you do not need that Santa Hat for cats, however every once in a while there is an offer that can actually save you money.

Such as the 40 toilet rolls that we recently purchased for a tenner. Yup, a tenner as opposed to the 12 for £3.50 deals in Tesco.

When you have an 8 year old who uses loo roll as if it is going out of fashion so fast that she is genuinely ashamed to have it in the house, 40 rolls for £10 is an absolute bargain. It also happens to be lavender scented which my husband says is like wiping his arse with pot pourii. I am still as yet undecided on whether this means that he likes it or not.

Living Social

We like living social for getaway deals especially as lots are available instantly.

I drove to Scotland (400 miles!) with my mum to deliver a rescue dog that she had found a home for (bonkers distance for a dog i know!) but being 7 plus hrs drive each way we decided to stay the night and drive back the next day.

Found a bargain nearby on Living Social and called to see if they would accept it for that night. The hotel agreed they would so I purchased the Living Social deal and showed it on my phone when we arrived less than an hour later.

There are some absolute bargains for 1 or 2 night stays in some truly amazing places and we like to give these as gifts for family to have a little getaway.


Some serious bargains are to be found in the right places, but be aware that some are not as good a deal as they appear.

Approved Food

We love Approved Food in the Hedgehog House.

If you haven’t heard of it then it’s a site that sells food and now household items at a discount that are close to or past their ‘best before’ date but not the use by date.

Pretty much all of their products are big brand items so be aware that some are still more expensive than supermarket own brands.


Lastly, let’s not forget Amazon. Everyone goes crazy for the Black Friday Flash Deals but again, be aware that not all deals are created equal.

A bargain is only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway.

Amazon pantry however is great! All kinds of grocery and household products at bargain prices with a set delivery cost per box.

A kilo of basmati rice for £1.67? Bargain and it will keep for ages too.

No point in buying bulk items if they will go off before you get round to using them all.


What sites do you use to save money?


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