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Being in debt sucks. Hearing about Katie Hopkins, that delightful, open-minded individual we all know and love (!), and how she has filed for an IVA, has been an interesting experience.

I previously said that I wouldn’t wish the feeling of drowning in debt on anyone, and this holds true, even for her. However, knowing that someone that high and mighty who had publicly spoken of how people in debt are there just because of their own stupidity and that all they have is an “ability to blame anyone other than themselves”, does have an intriguing dusting of just desserts.


In case you weren’t aware, Ms Hopkins finds herself in this state after being sued for defamation after posting a libellous tweet about food blogger Jack Monroe. Ironically, speaking of stupidity and blaming others, all Jack asked for was an apology and a donation to charity, but Katie, fuelled by her own pride, refused and the case went to court resulting in a £24,000 pay day for Jack and over £100,000 owing in court costs.

Talk about stupidity and blaming others for your mistakes. Welcome to the Debt Club Katie. It is hard work and it is common to feel like you are all alone. Whether it is gambling, shopping, credit card traps, we are all here because of our own stupidity in one way or another. Mine started because I stupidly accepted all of the credit I was offered at 18, with no real understanding of how the system worked and how to handle my finances. My own stupidity, no one else’s. Katie is the perfect example of how sometimes life can hit you unexpectedly, and the majority of the time, it is your own doing, however unwittingly.

Our current debt stands at £10277 (not including vehicle finance) over 7 different creditors and it used to be much worse. We are chipping away at it as best as we can, whilst trying to escape the trap of consumerism and lifestyle inflation, with the end goal of Financial Freedom. No matter who you are, or what your story is, please share it below. No one needs to feel alone, we are all here together.

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